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Look no further than GB Whatsapp if you're looking for a messaging app that incorporates all of WhatsApp's best features. This app is a well-known third-party modification of WhatsApp that provides improved functionality and customization options, making it a favorite among millions of users globally. GB Whatsapp has what you need whether you want more privacy, more control over your messaging experience, or just a way to spice up your conversations. So let's get started and discover all the incredible features that make GB Whatsapp the messaging app that everyone needs to have if they want to up their game.

What is GBWhatsApp Apk?

The modified WhatsApp app, known as GB WhatsApp, has many more features than the original WhatsApp. Themes that can be customized, sending more photos at once than are permitted, viewing deleted status updates, keeping deleted messages, and many other features are among these. Because GB WhatsApp isn't Google-approved, it isn't offered in the Google Play Store. As long as you locate the appropriate location to download GB WhatsApp APK on your Android device, you can still download GB WhatsApp and take advantage of the fantastic features offered by the most recent version of GB WhatsApp.


Features of GBWhatsApp

Following are the features of GB Whatsapp

Schedule Messages

You can easily schedule messages to be delivered to the specific contacts you want to send them to or to be broadcast to everyone in your contact list at a specific time using the Schedule Messages feature offered by GB WhatsApp Apk Download. To do this, simply write down your message and choose a convenient time and date for delivery to a specific contact. Your action will then be confirmed.

Send Large Content Files

Some users find it difficult to use WhatsApp because its original version had the drawback of only allowing users to send small files. However, the most recent version of WhatsApp now allows users to send and receive large files. With GB WhatsApp, you can send any size file at any time instead of the previous version's 16MB size restriction.

No Compression Sending

The disadvantage of no compression sending persisted in the original WhatsApp application, where users were unable to use this mode and could not send without compression. However, this problem has been fixed in the most recent version of GB WhatsApp Apk, allowing you to send large files and media without any problems. It also makes it easier for users by removing compression to guarantee the quality of the content.

Access and Control Log Files

With GB WhatsApp, users now have easier access to the control log files, which they can use to increase storage space on their devices. With the help of this feature, users can monitor log file activity and make changes that will make their application simpler to use.

Improved Security

You don't need to be concerned about the privacy of your chats and conversations while using GB WhatsApp because it gives you total control over your privacy setting. Your chats, contacts, and conversations with anyone are all private and inaccessible to anyone else. You can also take advantage of the option to block specific contacts while the chat is still open and password- or lock-protected. To ensure the privacy of your chats and conversations, you can easily apply the password or can protect it with the lock.

Completely Customize WhatsApp Themes

Users of GB WhatsApp can choose from a variety of gorgeous, personalized WhatsApp themes. It offers a variety of themes that you can select and use by checking the appropriate box in the setting section. By going to the settings in the menu, you can create an aesthetic look for your WhatsApp that can give you a completely different look from GB WhatsApp. You can also change the themes of your chats and the contact list of your choice.

GBWhatsapp Apk Download 2023 New Amazing Features

GBWhatsApp offers customization features and so much more.

Auto-Reply Feature

The autoreply feature for your contacts is always available. This speeds up your chat. You will always be able to respond to your friends.

DND Mode

Another lovely feature of this app is this. When you're using another app and don't want any interruptions, the DND mod will function. Gb WhatsApp's internet connection will be turned off by this feature, allowing you to work without difficulty.

Beautiful Collection of Emojis, GIFs

In this fantastic application, there are many emojis, GIFs, and launcher icons available. During your chat, you can easily use these emojis, GIFs, and launcher icons. In any emotionally charged circumstance, there are a ton of emojis available.

Share Multiple Media Fastly

Images, documents, audio, and video can all be sent very easily. With a single click, high-resolution images can be sent. One-click can send files larger than 1GB. Any type of document can be sent with just one click.

Set Languages and Multiple Accounts

This application lets you select any language you want. More than 2 accounts can be configured in your GB WhatsApp Apk. You can use these fantastic features of this app for free. On the other hand, these features are not supported by the official WhatsApp app.

Customize Your GBWhatsApp Apk

Just a few clicks on your account will allow you to easily customize it. You can use this application however you like with GB Whatsapp Apk. Change the font size, the theme, and a lot more as you see fit. You have the option to set the autoreply messages and to hide your online status.

Upload Long Status

Long status updates are very simple to upload. In the official WhatsApp, where you are restricted to uploading only 30-second status updates, this feature is missing. Post Your Current Location You can also let your friends know where you are in real-time.

Send Maximum Photos

With just one click, you can send many images. This feature is exceptional because the official WhatsApp only allows you to send 30 images at once, which is a tedious and time-consuming method of sending pictures to your contacts.

People Nearby

The people nearby feature on WhatsApp allows you to add a lot more friends. You can easily add friends of friends using this feature.

Mark as Unread Messages

You can mark texts as unread in GB WhatsApp Apk Download if you receive them but decide they are irrelevant and you don't want to reply. Excellent Effects You can include excellent effects in the videos and photos you send to your friends.

How to Download GBWhatsApp Apk Download 2023?

Because you cannot download GB WhatsApp from your Android device's play store, download it from this website. It must be downloaded from this page and manually installed on your device.

  • Follow these steps if you don't know how to install something.
  • You must first enable "Unknown Sources" under Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.
  • Download the GB WhatsApp Apk from this link next.
  • Install it on your device third.



App Name GBWhatsApp
Version Latest Version
Size 56 MB
Requires Android 4.0 and up
Developer WAMods
Package com.gbwa
Downloads 50,00,000+
License Type Freeware
Last Updated 11-06-2023


An improved version of WhatsApp is GB Whatsapp Download Apk. This app has a lot of sophisticated features that are not typically found in WhatsApp, such as status saving, airplane mode, and DND mod sharing videos up to 200GB. The online status of users can be hidden. To get a quicker response, they can use the auto-reply feature. This app offers a lot of privacy. They are able to remove the forwarded tag. This app supports a variety of devices and is user-friendly. This app is completely free. Install GB WhatsApp Apk to access its many premium features. The majority of WhatsApp's features are restricted, such as the 30-image limit. Although GB WhatsApp enables users to send 80+ images with a single click, WhatsApp is too monotonous and time-wasting.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes Its Working Awesome On iPhone.

Yes GBWhatsApp is 100% Safe.

It is a App of WhatsApp with extra features.